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About us

Some text about Photonic-Fusion history, milestones etc. Company foundation year, Company leader (CEO) information etc may placed here.

Photonic-Fusion LTD has a best experience in research of fiber-optics femtosecond lasers, narrow-band distributed-feedback (DFB) lasers, laser medicine and biological application etc. All of Photonic-Fusion products are certified for Telecom applications.

Our main Advantages:

  • • High stability.
  • • Optimal price/quality.
  • • Individual technical solution for every Client.

We have a good experience in the Ultra-short Fiber-Optics R&D. Ultra-short fiber lasers for special Telecom applications. Examples of research topics include electronic state deactivation, vibrational energy redistribution, electron and energy transfer both inter- and intra-molecularly and solvation dynamics. Processes can be measured at variable temperatures including cryogenic. Our spectrometers also allow to study solid state samples.

Photonic Fusion is at the cutting edge of time-resolved optical spectroscopy. We are looking for results-oriented people who are smart, passionate about what they do, creative and willing to learn new things. Our company culture encourages collaboration between team members while allowing the necessary freedom to succeed at personal projects.